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About Us

Good for your pet, good for the planet

Across the globe, a third of the food we produce goes to waste. We’re doing our bit to change that by reimagining pet food production, sniffing out the good stuff and upcycling tasty Second Chance ingredients that humans don’t make the most of.

We're the first genuinely sustainable pet food brand and we’re continually rethinking how dog and cat food should be made in a smarter and more sustainable way. We dream of a world without waste, and we're working towards achieving it.

Our values

Smart thinking

Upcycling forgotten and overlooked offcuts from human food production.

Accessible ethics

We keep it simple. The age-old (and dog) mantra ‘waste not, want not’ is what guides us.

Honest goodness

Nutritious food and treats, perfectly balanced for all your pet’s needs.

Planet first

We support projects that help to protect our planet.

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Innovating the way we produce dog and cat food

Farming meat or alternative proteins is not sustainable, so we've found a better way to create delicious, eco-friendly pet food. Inspired by our pets themselves, we don't let a single scrap go to waste.

We've reimagined how cat and dog food is made by embracing Second Chance ingredients that humans don't make the most of. Take chicken, for example. Most manufacturers take the breasts and legs off to the supermarket, leaving the tasty, protein-rich organ meats, offcuts and trims to go to waste. We give these nutritious ingredients another chance, because they're the healthiest and most sustainable way to make pet food.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve had our environmental impact measured by independent 3rd party MyClimate, who found that our Second Chance meals produce 95.7% less CO2 than chicken breast meals, and 95% less than insect-based meals.

The path to sustainability

Second Chance ingredients

We give nutrient-dense offcuts from human food production a second chance.

Climate pledge

We work with MyClimate to calculate and offset the carbon emissions on all our products.

Local ingredients

95% of the ingredients in our food are sourced from local distances.

Energy efficiency

We’re rated A+ for energy efficiency and maximum energy savings.


Our manifesto

Humans have a lot to learn from nature. So, to make the world’s most sustainable dog and cat food, we learn from the pets themselves. Dogs listen to nature and never waste a single scrap. Cats are inquisitive, resourceful and love life.

We will never farm meat or alternative proteins, that’s just not sustainable. Instead we hunt out the good, tasty and nutritious bits that humans don’t want.

Join the upcycling revolution

Nutritious meats

Our Second Chance offcuts and trimmings are more nutrient-dense and rich in amino acids than the bits humans eat.

Pet food innovation

Giving nutritious yet unwanted food a second chance is far better than producing anything new. It just makes sense.

Independently verified

The sustainability of our approach has been independently verified, and its benefits over other pet food (like insects) has been proven.


Dogs evolved from wolves by scavenging for humans’ leftovers. We’re getting back to nature and keeping pets happy as we do it.

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Manifesto (Continued)

We’re continually rethinking how pet food should be made in a smarter and more sustainable way, like upcycling fruit pulp from a local apple juice manufacturer as a nutritious source of fibre.

We don’t believe in greenwashing - it doesn’t help the planet. We know we’re not perfect, but we will always be honest in our approach. We’re carbon neutral, fully traceable and strive to tread lightly on the planet.

We dream of a world without waste. This is the ultimate definition of our success.

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