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Sniffing out sustainable

Sustainable dog & cat food for a less wasteful world

Here at Planet Pet Society, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We believe we've developed the most efficient and resourceful way to produce deliciously sustainable dog and cat food. We're reducing waste, maximising energy efficiency, and doing what's best for the planet.

We always strive to reduce our environmental impact, such as by offsetting the carbon emissions on our products and embracing new technologies to decrease our energy consumption. We also donate 1% of our gross sales (not just profits) to planet-helping causes as part of the '1% for the planet' movement. We don't believe in greenwashing. We believe in being innovative and progressive to drive change.

Our path to sustainability

Climate neutral pledge

We work with independent 3rd parties to calculate and offset our carbon emissions.

Reduce & recycle

We embrace recyclable packaging and zero waste principles across the organisation.

A+ energy efficiency

We're rated A+ for energy efficiency and maximum energy savings.

Local ingredients

95% of our ingredients are sourced from local distances to our manufacturers.

Our manifesto

A new approach to producing pet food

Farming meat or alternative proteins is never sustainable. Besides, why would we produce anything new when so much is already going to waste? Like animals themselves, we believe in 'waste not, want not', sniffing out the good bits that humans don’t make the most of, like nutritious organ meats, offcuts and trimmings. We call them Second Chance ingredients.

A Second Chance chicken meal produces 95.7% less CO2 than a chicken breast meal, and 95% less than an insect-based one. On top of this, the upcycled ingredients we use are more nutrient-dense and rich in amino acids, meaning it's a win-win for pets and for the planet.

Second Chance ingredients

Nutritious offcuts

Trimmings and organ meats that are rich in protein and essential vitamins.

Fibre-rich fruit pulp

Upcycled pulp from a local apple juice manufacturer as a source of fibre.

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