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Chicken Wet Food For Cats
For Cats

Chicken Wet Food For Cats

Complete wet cat food to support a healthy, balanced diet. Suitable for adult cats.

  • No GMO / no soy / no added sugar
  • Sustainably sourced

Sustainable Ingredients

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With 88% nutritious Second Chance chicken and lignocellulose to prevent hairballs, our natural cat food formula is designed to support your cat’s healthy growth and development.

Sniffing out sustainable, all our cat food is climate neutral, fully traceable, and made with nourishing Second chance ingredients.

Feeding guide:

Serve at room temperature. Once open, keep in the fridge. Serving may vary according to the cat’s breed and seasonal factors, and shall be split up into one or two daily meals. Keep in mind that fresh water must be available.

Weight of Cat (kg)34 – 66 – 8
Pouches per day23 – 44 – 6

Planet-first cat food

At Planet Pet Society, we put sustainability first. We make the most of nutritious Second Chance ingredients that humans don't want, whether that's protein-rich chicken trimmings or apple pulp as an essential source of fibre. We source our ingredients from local distances, offset carbon emissions on all our products and donate 1% of our sales to planet-saving causes. We dream of a world without waste, and with your help, we're working towards it.

Nourishing ingredients

Composition: 88% meat trimmings in fillets (73% chicken trimmings, 15% liver), pea flour, lignocellulose, calcium carbonate.

Analytical constituents: moisture 82%, crude protein 9%, crude fat 5%, crude ash 2%, crude fibre 1%, calcium 0.25%, phosphorus 0.2%, sodium 0.4%

Nutritional additives per 1 kg: vitamin A (3a672a), vitamin D3 (3a671), vitamin E (3a700), vitamin B1 (3a821), biotin (3a880), zinc (3b606), manganese (3b504), iodine (3b201), iron (3b106), taurine (3a370)

Metabolizable energy: 860 kcal/kg

See expiry date and batch stated on the pouch. Production date: produced 24 months prior to the expiry date stated on the back side.

Our path to sustainability

We're on a mission to be the world's most sustainable pet food brand. We've reimagined how pet food is made by reducing waste and upcycling nutritious Second Chance ingredients. From tasty chicken to fibre-rich fruit pulp, our meals are filled with nourishing ingredients that are great for pets and the planet.

Second CHance ingredients

climate neutral pledge

reduce and recycle

locally sourced

A+ energy efficiency

1% for the planet

Feel Good Food

At Planet Pet Society, we actually care. We don’t believe in greenwashing. We believe in making a real difference, and innovating the way we produce delicious pet food. We’re carbon neutral, fully traceable and strive to tread lightly on the planet. We’re reinventing pet food and working towards a less wasteful world.

Healthy wet food for cats

Our protein-rich wet cat food contains all the essential ingredients to support your cat's healthy growth and development. Sourced sustainably, always.

Cat food High-quality, sustainable proteins

Benefits Amino acids and omega-3

Plant Fresh, locally-sourced fruit and veg

Build a box

Create a personalised bundle of your pet's favourite meals and treats. Whether you're exploring new products or stocking up on old favourites, you can rest assured that you're giving your cat or dog the highest quality and most sustainable pet food around.


It contains 88% chicken. With over 80% of this food being made up of meat, your cat will have a dinner they can really sink their teeth in to.

Before opening, the wet food can be stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, the cartons can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Humans are wasteful. 1/3 of the food produced in the world goes to waste! With chicken, they take the breasts and the legs and package them for supermarket and leave the delicious, nutritious organ meats, offcuts and trims. We give this a second chance. This is our second chance chicken. We use other ingredients like fibre-ful apple pulp from juice production. We sniff out these ingredients because they’re the healthiest, most sustainable way to make dog food. We’ll never breed animals, not even insects. there’s no point producing anything new whilst so much is being thrown away.

Yes this cat wet food contains lignocellulose which helps to prevent hairballs.

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