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Behind the bowl: A closer look at Planet Pet Society’s nutritious ingredients

30 August 2023 | Laura Maguire | 3 mins Read
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In the exciting and ever-evolving world of pet nutrition, a revolutionary concept is taking centre stage: Second Chance ingredients.

This innovative idea, pioneered by the experts at Planet Pet Society, challenges conventional notions by turning the spotlight on overlooked, nutrient-dense ingredients that humans don't want.

But what’s it all about? Here, we take a look at what Second Chance ingredients are, how they can revolutionise the pet food industry, and what makes them the best choice for your furry friend. Let’s take a look behind the bowl.

The power of Second Chance ingredients

Humans are wasteful. A whopping 30% of the food we produce goes to waste, and most of that food is perfectly suitable for consumption. Take chicken, for example. Humans take the breasts and legs and package them up for the supermarket, sending nutritious organ meats, offcuts and trimmings straight into the bin.

We imagine a world where this so-called food waste becomes the cornerstone of nourishment for our pets. That’s where Second Chance ingredients come in.

We rescue the tasty and nutritious leftovers from human food production, and turn them into wholesome meals that pets love. Whether it’s protein-packed meat offcuts or fibre-rich apple pulp, the concept is the same: we give these nourishing ingredients a second chance.


Benefits for furry friends

Our irresistibly sustainable Second Chance ingredients get tails wagging and work towards our goal of a world without waste, but we still put pet nutrition first. Beyond the enticing flavours, our cat and dog food is packed with essential nutrients designed to provide a holistic boost to your pet's health.

Across all our products, proteins sourced from Second Chance ingredients contribute to muscle development and good digestion, while essential vitamins and minerals help pets foster a shiny coat and a robust immune system. Every bite is a result of a careful balance between taste and nutrition, ensuring your pet relishes their meal and also gets the nourishment they deserve.


Exploring our range

Our dogs and cats deserve deliciously nutritious meals that are designed for them. Whether your furry friend is a playful pup with boundless energy or a sophisticated senior seeking comfort, we’ve created a product that aligns with their distinct needs.

For Sensitive dogs, we’ve enriched meals with highly digestible, hypoallergenic protein. For Senior dogs, we added vitamins to support their cardio condition and general health, and reduced fat to help them maintain a lean weight. To support your pup’s Skin and Coat, we added omega-3 fatty acids.

As for your feline friend, our Sterilised cat formula is low in magnesium and rich in L-methionine to prevent the formation of struvite stones. To boost immunity, our Functional Cat Treats are enriched with catnip. Our Sensitive Cat Pouches have added lignocellulose - a source of insoluble fibre that helps to prevent hairballs. The list goes on.

We’ve carefully curated our pet food to enhance your pet’s health, happiness and quality of life. Find the perfect meal that’s tailored to their unique requirements in our expertly-crafted collections.


Sustainability & beyond

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop at Second Chance ingredients. Planet Pet Society’s entire production process is powered by eco-friendly practices and forward-thinking initiatives that minimise our carbon pawprint.

We offset the carbon emissions on our products and embrace new technologies to decrease our energy consumption. 20% of our manufacturing is powered by solar energy. 95% of the ingredients that go into our meals are sourced from local distances, and we donate 1% of our gross sales (not just profits) to planet-helping causes.

We’re pioneers in pushing the boundaries of what a pet food brand can achieve in terms of sustainability. With your help, we’re working to create a more sustainable future not just for pets, but for the planet as a whole. That’s what makes us the world’s most sustainable pet food brand.

There's more to Planet Pet Society’s meals than meets the eye. Our game-changing Second Chance ingredients and holistic approach to pet nutrition have redefined the way we think about pet food. It's a symphony of sustainability, health and innovation that promises to enrich the lives of our beloved furry companions and the world they call home.

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