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6 reasons why Planet Pet Society is the most sustainable pet food brand

30 August 2023 | Laura Maguire | 4 mins Read
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 We’re a nation of pet lovers. That means we always want what’s best for our furry friends, especially when it comes to food. But we noticed something missing from the current pet food market.

Pet owners also care about the planet, with 61% wanting to know more about the environmental footprint of their pet products. That’s because being a responsible pet parent goes beyond giving belly rubs and ear scratches – it's about making choices that resonate with the harmony of our planet.

That’s why we created Planet Pet Society, a pet food brand that puts sustainability at its heart. Our mission is to offer nutritious meals and treats that not only nourish your furry companions, but also tread lightly on the Earth.

We’re proud to be the most sustainable pet food brand. Here’s why.

Second Chance ingredients

Human food production is wasteful. In fact, we throw away a third of everything we produce. We've reimagined the potential of these overlooked resources, giving tasty and nutritious leftovers a second chance.

Let’s look at chicken, for example. Humans want the breasts, the legs and the wings. That means the nutrient-dense organ meats, offcuts and trimmings are destined for the bin, even though they’re brimming with proteins and vitamins.

We sniff out these ingredients and transform them into a symphony of taste and nutrition, ensuring that your pet gets the goodness they deserve while minimising the impact on our planet.

A Second Chance chicken meal produces 95.7% less CO2 than a chicken breast meal, and our upcycled ingredients are even more nutrient-dense and rich in amino acids. Second Chance ingredients are a win-win for pets and the planet, which is why they’re at the heart of our sustainable pet food revolution.

Our climate neutral pledge

At Planet Pet Society, sustainability isn't just a catchphrase; it's the core of our philosophy. That means we do everything we can to minimise our environmental impact, including by offsetting our carbon emissions.

We work with independent 3rd parties to calculate the carbon emissions of all our products, and partner with myclimate.org to offset them. It’s not as simple as just planting trees. We mitigate our carbon footprint by working on a range of projects that help prevent deforestation, reduce CO2 emissions and protect the habitat of endangered animals. We do the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Locally sourced produce

Why search far and wide when we can find greatness in our own backyard? Wherever possible, we shop local. We are constantly lowering the transport distance of each ingredient to our processing plants, ensuring our produce is fresh, high quality and sustainable.

We’re proud to say that 95% of all the ingredients in our pet meals come from local distances. By supporting local farmers, we're reducing transportation emissions, supporting local economies and adding an extra layer of sustainability to your pet's diet.

A+ energy efficiency

Efficiency isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a way of life. We’re rated A+ for energy efficiency because we ensure that every step of our production process is optimised to minimise its environmental impact. We don't just aim to meet industry standards. We're setting the bar higher and redefining what it means to operate responsibly in the pet food landscape.

How? We embrace advancements like intelligent manufacturing systems, energy-efficient equipment and solar power. 20% of our energy for manufacturing now comes from solar power, which is something we plan to expand. We're pushing boundaries to make sure our footprint stays small and our impact stays big.

Supporting planet-helping causes

We’re proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet movement, meaning we donate 1% of our gross sales (not just profits) to planet-helping causes that resonate with our mission. We believe in making a real difference, not greenwashing. By partnering with organisations that are dedicated to environmental conservation, we're working hand in paw to create lasting positive change.

Reducing waste wherever possible

Whether it’s through our manufacturing process or in our office, we’re always working to reduce waste. We've adopted recyclable packaging to ensure sustainability from shelf to recycle bin, and embrace innovative design to cut down on excess materials without compromising quality.

The zero paper waste policy in our office is another small change that speaks volumes for our dedication to sustainability. With a relentless drive for improvement, we're crafting a future where waste is minimised, efficiency is maximised, and every choice we make aligns with our planet-friendly ethos

The most sustainable pet food brand

At Planet Pet Society, we're not just providing delicious meals for your pets – we're feeding a movement that's paving the way for a more sustainable world. We've blended a love for pets with a deep sense of environmental responsibility to develop the most efficient and resourceful way to produce nourishing dog and cat food.

Your choice to feed your pet Planet Pet Society is a choice to be part of something bigger. Join us on our mission to better the lives of our pets and the planet they call home.

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